Diamandia Lingos

We should love ourselves so fiercely that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done.

Diamandia is a multipreneur that lives life with guts, tenacity, and driven intention. With more than two decades of creative business leadership resulting in millions of dollars in growth, Diamandia now brings her message to the masses. A message to “unapologetically love and believe in yourself because you are the person you are meant to be NOW, so stop waiting for the ideal and just fucking go for it.”

As a lifestyle influencer, brand visionary, internationally recognized Tedx Speaker, real estate investor, designer, wellness brand, and mentor, Diamandia has built her empire herself through the courage to recognize the power in health, wealth, and belief in self. Overcoming trauma to dominate her own future inspires others to step up and into the lives they deserve. Fulfillment is right in front of you; take hold of what already belongs to you.


As a luxury, wellness, and health food advocate and influencer, Diamandia is open to proposals regarding:

Brand Sponsorship

Affiliate Sales

Recipe Partnership

Capsule Collections

Brand Advisory Board Membership



Listen up

Plug in and turn up the volume. When Diamandia speaks it’s something worth hearing. Doing. Becoming.

She is open to in-person and virtual speaking requests, as well as, podcast guest proposals on a variety of topics that feed her life as a thriver and nourish the lives of her listeners.

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