Requesting Diamandia Lingos as your next speaker or guest host offers a level of enlightenment and connection with your audience you never could have imagined. Diamandia is relatable, authentically and unapologetically herself, a plethora of wisdom and experience, and a role model for women & men everywhere.


Speaker Topics

Living with Intention

As a thought-leader in mindfulness and alignment, Diamandia speaks about living personal truths to achieve wealth in the aspect of balanced fulfillment. Wealth is more than just an income; it’s overall physical health, mental strength, and tenacious vigor to expect and do more. If you can dream it, there’s sure as shit a way to do it.

Curating Confidence

After having to rebuild her life from traumatic loss and complete devastation, Diamandia shares the individual power of curating confidence within ourselves. Suffering doesn’t have to lead to a life of lacking – in esteem, stability, health, or wealth. We have the unique ability to rewrite the messages we have had ingrained into us by ourselves and others. Peel off the layers of doubt and just fucking take a chance on yourself.


As a health and wellness advocate, teacher, and influencer, Diamandia can speak first-handedly about what the roads to both recovery and rejuvenation look like through the scope of mental, emotional, and physical health. She can address topics around depression, anxiety, destructive thought patterns, and suicide awareness.

Back to Business

Being a successful multipreneur, while working one on one with businesses around the globe for the past twenty years makes Diamandia an elite woman of business. Educating others in creative marketing, branding, scaling, and high-end operational functionality is not only a passion of hers, but a place where she can help guide others to find fulfillment in accomplishment.