Are You Struggling With Flight Inflammation?

Swelling, bloating and generally feeling inflammation while you’re on a flight or right after is unfortunately very common. But why is that? I travel frequently and noticed this happening myself. It was infuriating! I spend a lot of time and energy keeping my body healthy. So why did that all go down the drain when I got on a plane? I’m going to share what I’ve learned on why your body might be swelling on the way to your destination and how you can use some tools and techniques to combat this bloating and flight inflammation. 

Why Your Body Is Swelling, Bloating or Experiencing Inflammation On Flights

  1. Prolonged Sitting Is Rough On Your Feet and Legs

Sitting for long periods of time causes fluid to pool in the legs and the feet. Many people that experience swelling on flights notice it first in their feet, then their legs and then so on and so forth. I love to use compression socks when I fly for this very reason! But another good option is to try and get up and move around if you’re able to – especially on long flights. Whether it’s walking to the bathroom, standing to get something in the overhead compartments or simply standing and stretching – you’ll notice that you’ll feel more comfortable.

  1. Reduced Blood Flow

Flying will cause you to have reduced blood flow because you’re sitting in a seat for so long. Naturally, the circulation in your legs is gonna be less than normal. One way to combat this is by being proactive and using the DIAMANDIA Body Gua Sha before your flight to stimulate your lymphatic system and boost circulation. You can also use it after your flight to bring down any swelling you do experience faster. Again, I would still recommend moving around if you are able to – especially if it is a longer flight. This will help the circulation in your legs and make it more comfortable on your legs and feet when you do sit back down. 

  1. Altitude Changes 

We all know that when we fly the altitude changes and we can feel that because of the change in cabin pressure. Your body is directly affected by that. The clearest sign of this is when your ears pop. Well, that pressure is affecting your whole system, too. 

  1. Dehydration

This may be an obvious cause. But why do we get so dehydrated anyway? Well the air on airplanes is pumped with dry air as you fly. You may notice that you get thirsty quickly, your lips may start to feel chapped, or maybe a headache starts to form. Well, this dehydration is also very difficult on your blood flow and lymphatic system. It’s good to hydrate before, during and after your flight. While everyone else is getting ginger ale or a glass of wine on the flight, I’d highly recommend water if you are normally suffering from swelling or bloating.

  1. High Sodium Foods

Pretzels, peanuts, chips, and prepackaged in-flight meals and snacks are usually high in sodium which leads you to retain much more water than necessary. They are the snacks we are used to and they feel so natural on the flight, but it’s not good for your body to be taking in that much sodium while you’re also being pelted with dry air and cabin pressure changes. If you’re able, I’d recommend eating something low in sodium before your flight and/or bringing a healthy, low-sodium snack on the plane with you. This will keep you from being tempted by those pretzels. Avoid airline foods at all costs. Prep snacks and meals to bring with you.


    How to Avoid and/or Prevent Flight Swelling and Bloating

    While going through why you’re experiencing flight inflammation, I also shared some of my biggest tips for preventing the swelling you experience. There are three big tips that stand out and everyone can utilize them no matter how long your flight is.

    1. Use the DIAMANDIA Glow Up Travel Trio Before and After Flight 

    The Glow Up Travel Trio is specifically created to reduce swelling while you are traveling. This bundle comes with a travel size Unapologetic Body Oil, Dry Brush, and the DIAMANDIA Stone Body Gua Sha. Using the Body Gua Sha before and after you fly will really, really help you reduce inflammation in your entire body and reduce water retention and bloating. In fact, flight inflammation is one of the reasons why I created this product. I was flying all over the world and I needed something to combat this exact problem, dry brushing before you shower and then using the Body Gua Sha after your shower on all areas of your body will help you push those toxins out of you, boost circulation and reduce water retention so that you feel normal and just like yourself. 

    I can’t explain how much of a difference this tool has made in my body, reducing inflammation, getting rid of swelling, depuffing, debloating, just making sure that my pants still fit after I land.

    This has made a massive difference and I’m so honored and grateful to have created this product for people suffering from the same swelling I was experiencing. It is especially useful over the holiday season when you feel like you’re swelling and bloating from not only travel but rich food. 

    1. Avoid in flight meals, salty snacks, alcohol, and caffeine consumption 

    Number 2 is a tricky one, but it makes a huge difference. Avoid in-flight meals, those salty snacks, alcohol, and caffeine consumption before and during a flight. Indulging in these high sodium and dehydrating food and drinks can really enhance water retention. More water retention usually means more swelling and bloating. So avoid the sodium and dehydrating drinks. 

    1. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water during the flight

    Instead of alcohol and caffeine, hydrate up! Drink plenty of water during your flight. As I mentioned earlier, the dry air will really dehydrate you so it will be important to combat that with water. 


    Overall, I want you to be able to enjoy your travels and nothing puts a damper on a trip quite like feeling bloated and puffy. Show your body some love by using the DIAMANDIA Glow Up Travel Trio before and after your flight, stay hydrated and avoid the sodium, caffeine, and alcohol that is making the bloating even worse. Follow those tips and you will notice a big change in your legs, feet, and anywhere else you bloat the next time you fly.