Self Care Holiday Gift Guide

Yes, Christmas, Hanukkah, and all the holidays we celebrate each winter are so exciting. We hopefully get to fill our cups by spending time with our loved ones and enjoy some much needed down-time. But sometimes the holidays can feel like the opposite of relaxing. The holidays can  be filled with too many social responsibilities, too much family time, or oppositely, many reminders of people we can’t see this year. Long story short, the holidays can also be draining, so we have to remember to take care of ourselves a little extra. Do you have friends or family that could use that reminder, too? Here are a few gift ideas that they (and you) will appreciate all year-round. Spread the love this season to yourself and your loved ones with my self-care gift guide for the holidays.


First on my self-care gift guide is my Glow Up Trio. Who doesn’t want to feel a little glow in the gloomy weather? This package comes with a body brush, a full-size Unapologetic Body Oil and the DIAMANDIA Stone Body Gua Sha so it is the best gift for your friends or family who love all things wellness. This kit is all you need to feel renewed, refreshed & detoxified from head to toe.

The all-natural body brush is used to awaken your circulatory system. Having the movement of the bristles over your skin activates your nervous system, which will give you an invigorating feeling similar to a massage. The body brush also exfoliates tired, dry skin for a real glowing look. Dry rubbing with the body brush is gentler than scrubbing in the shower and has health benefits such as promoting lymphatic flow/drainage, skin exfoliation, unclogging of pores, and activation of the nervous system.

The Unapologetic Body Oil is a game changer for reducing the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and fine lines. Not only will this help achieve the glowing skin we all want, but it works well with the DIAMANDIA Body Gua Sha to target inflammation and toxins that our body naturally holds. The oil helps make for a smoother use of the stone gua sha.

The DIAMANDIA Stone Body Gua Sha works deep below the skin to stimulate the lymphatic system and drain excess fluids from the body. This is ideal for ladies and men who work out a lot, are on their feet often or travel frequently. That being said, everyone will appreciate the tools to give their skin and body a detoxing refresh.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Spray

I love Ancient Minerals and their magnesium spray is so fantastic for a good night’s sleep. This is the best stocking stuffer or a stand alone gift for the person who struggles to get a restful sleep or simply wants to enjoy more relaxation time. Magnesium has been all over the TikTok trends, but this brand – Ancient Minerals – is considered to be the original magnesium oil on the market and the gold standard.

I am not alone in recommending it – it’s the #1 most recommended magnesium oil in the world – so it will surely impress your health conscious loved one. It’s ultra-pure and highly concentrated for maximum relaxation and restoration for your body. I spray it on my inner thighs before I go to sleep at night and my skin absorbs it so fast. It will give the recipient the best night’s sleep.

NEST Holiday Collection Scented Candles

Who doesn’t love walking into a space to find it cozy from the flickering of candle light and smelling an unbelievable scent. The NEST’s Holiday Collection of candles are great gifts because they are truly well made and high quality.  

I get mine from Bloomingdales. The smell of these always makes me think of the holidays with their blend of pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves, and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla and amber. You know your BFF will love to light one of these candles during their meditation or reading routine. It’s the perfect scent to wake up and enjoy or relax at the end of the day.

Campo Aromatherapy Essential Oil

This gift is ideal for the one who is ready to eliminate those toxins naturally. It is a 100% natural essential oil with a blend of cardamom, lavender, peppermint and ginger. If you are trying to find a gift for someone who loves mediations, this is also a great option for them. I personally use this for mediations and it really elevates the experience. You can roll it onto your pulse points – such as your wrist and neck and take deep breaths.

Controlling the scent you are breathing in will help your loved one meditate more effectively and gain that clarity they’ve been aching to achieve. I get my Campo Aromatherapy Essential Oil online from Saks 5th Ave.


EMR Red Light Therapy

An EMR Red Light Therapy device will be such a unique gift. If you don’t know the benefits of Red Light Therapy let me shed some light … 

The EMR-Tek lamps are some of the best on the market in my experience. They are known for having a low flicker and low electromagnetic field production. Their new PRO series has even been updated to maximize the expected lifetime use of the device, so your loved ones will have a long lasting gift. 

You can purchase this at-home red light therapy device on the EMR TEK website using my code DIAMANDIA42183  for 20% off.

Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket 

We all know a sauna fiend or two and this Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket will be the ideal gift for them. It’s a higher price point so it’s great for an extra special gift they won’t forget. It can sometimes be hard to know what to give to your spouse, grown child or even your parents, but this will be something they are so thankful for this holiday season.

Instead of having to go out to the gym or wellness club, they can now enjoy an infrared sauna experience from home. This will elevate the body’s thermal energy, help you feel deeply relaxed, promote glowing skin, and improve circulation. You can get this gift of the year on the Higher Dose website.

There is nothing wrong with gifting for yourself, too. I talk a lot about unapologetically showing up for yourselves, so don’t forget to keep showing up for yourself during the holidays. That may look like treating yourself to a self-care tool you’ve been wanting or simply utilizing the tools you have on hand. But regardless of whether you’re shopping for self-care tools for yourself or others, I hope that this guide is helpful. Make sure to care for yourself while you share the message of self-love and self-care this holiday season.